Weirdest Crime Ever! This Woman Was Arrested Because She Stole ‘3 French Fries’ !

These days, crimes are quite common and we hear news about the same from every corner of the globe. But have you ever heard some weird crimes in which a person gets arrested for ‘DOING NOTHING’? Well, this actually happened in Washington D.C and after hearing the incident, you will wonder as to what has happened to the police officials there. Want to know more about this silly ‘FRY THEFT? Here you go…

What happened was that a cop was relishing his French fries, but it seems, he got furious over a woman who came there and casually took ‘3 French fries’ from his plate.


This incident took place on the 7th of September in a restaurant in Washington D.C, wherein this officer was peacefully having his dinner. 2 drunk women came and sat there; sadly, they didn’t realize that it was a crime to come in between a cop and his fries.

The duo tried having a chat with him, and after they got a bit comfortable, one of the 2 women, grabbed ‘1 Fry’ from the cop’s plate, leaving him astonished.

When she took it for the first time, the officer didn’t say anything, but when she did for the 2nd time, he got furious and asked the woman to stop.

The woman didn’t keep quiet; she told the officer that he could jail her for this theft! Surprisingly, the officer respected her suggestion and arrested the woman for this ‘Fry Theft’. Now she is left with second-degree theft charges and after such an incident, she will surely think twice before stealing fries from someone’s plate ! 😛


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